HDEMS offers a variety of extracurricular activities including clubs and athletics.
FIRST Lego League (FLL) Robotics
The FLL Robotics program provides an opportunity for students to learn about programming. Students build a Lego EV3 robot and develop programs that move the robot through a series of challenges. The group competes in a qualifying tournament with other local teams in early December. A big part of the program is a focus on FLL's Core Values, a set of skills that helps students to work as a team, to support and encourage each other, to work collaboratively, and to have fun as they learn.
STEM-E club focuses on engaging students in problem-solving and critical thinking projects.  The STEM-E program also covers the concept of entrepreneurship.  Coaches encourage students to identify issues, research issues, brainstorm ideas about how to address these issues, find and test solutions. The skills developed in this program can help them throughout their lives and their careers. 
Battle of the Books
BOB is a reading program where students read a designated selection of books and then compete as a group, demonstrating their knowledge of the books. 
AT HDEMS, students can participate in a variety of athletic programs.
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